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15 August 2008 @ 15:04
A long time ago (3 years)...

In a country, far, far away (Germany)...

A Hit Song was launched (Durch den Monsun)...

And the rest is music history!

Zusammen Durch den Monsun Fan ActionCollapse )

Thank you everyone who took part and Happy Durch den Monsun Day :D
02 June 2008 @ 14:36
August 15th will be the third anniversary of the release of Durch den Monsun, the song that launched Tokio Hotel's career. We at Tokio Hotel International wanted to do something special to mark this three year milestone. So we're going to put together a new video, but to make it really amazing, we need YOU!

We would like you to send us pictures of yourself that were inspired by the song. You could pose with an umbrella, or dancing in the rain or whatever you like, as long as it shows us some link to the song. We will be compiling all the pictures onto a stormy background, and combining them with all the different versions of Durch den Monsun. Then on August 15th we will post the video on YouTube for everyone to enjoy, along with sending a copy to the band on CD.

Details below the CutCollapse )
05 March 2008 @ 12:52
This was posted by meridian_star on the UK forum :).

Calling all UK fans!

It is time we show our numbers and our love for TH in this busy multi-national online world. Helen's plan is to put together a fanvid of ALL of us and our messages of why Tokio Hotel mean so much to us.

It’s simple, all you need to do is PM Helen (on the UK forum) or email Helen (meridian_star@tokiohoteluk.net) either a video/picture of yourself (and friends!) saying:

• Why do you love TH?
• Who you are (you don’t have to use your real name).
• Where you are (county/city).

Something like this:

(isn't she pretty)

For videos if you could upload it to somewhere like sendspace/megaupload/rapidshare and send Helen the link.

All messages will be subbed into German (as a thank you for their wonderful subbed TH TV episodes).

Have fun & be creative! Spread this around, the more UK TH love we can get the better, yes?

PS. If you’re not a UK fan, then be please patient we’ll do something for you too soon, one project at time :) I'm just trying to unite UK voices on this one .

PPS. For fun inspiration go look here
12 December 2007 @ 15:30
Asking for your help again please.

The highly successful UK magazine, NME have opened up the polls for the NME Awards 2008 and it would be great if we can get Tokio Hotel in there.

To vote you have to register which you can do if you click here

The Tokio Hotel Myspace would think the band deserve the following, I think we should agree :):

Best International Band: Tokio Hotel
Best New Band: Tokio Hotel
Best Live Band: Tokio Hotel
Best Track: Tokio Hotel - 'Ready Set Go' *
Best Video: Tokio Hotel - 'Ready Set Go' *
Best Music DVD: Tokio Hotel - 'Live in Europe'
Best Website: www.tokiohotel.com

Once you have registered you may vote in as many categories and as many times as you like.

Source Tokio Hotel Myspace
26 November 2007 @ 13:14
TH are nominated for Best International Group at the NRJ site. Please consider voting for them (all you have to do is click the vote button below).

Code to spread the widget around:

19 November 2007 @ 12:26
The Kerrang! Readers Poll is back up (again). Please vote for the Boys there.

What to do:

1) Go here http://readerspoll2007.kerrang.com/
2) Sign up
3) Then go to the Best Band category
4) Type in Tokio Hotel
5) Click the vote button

15 November 2007 @ 09:24
Tokio Hotel need your help again please.

The Kerrang! Readers Poll is in full swing. Please vote for them there.

What to do:
You can skip straight to #3 if you like :)

1) Go here http://readerspoll2007.kerrang.com/
2) Sign up
3) Then go to the Best Band category
4) Type in Tokio Hotel
5) Click the vote button
6) Click ctrl/left arrow to go back
7) Go to #5 and repeat

06 November 2007 @ 15:13
T4 will be showing highlights of the MTV EMAs this Sunday. Now we would really like to make sure TH are still in there and do not hit the cutting room floor. One would hope that the stunning performance they gave would be enough, but we would like to make sure. Given that this will raise their image in the UK it has to be a really good thing to keep them in.

If you have a spare minute, please would you be so kind as to send an email to the lovely peeps at Channel 4 and ask them to keep TH in the program.

Cathy Lovesey is the editor of T4 and she will be a good person to contact.

Here is what to do:
Email Cathy Lovesey: clovesey@channel4.co.uk
Copy her assistant: mmcdonald@channel4.co.uk

Then write a nice polite email saying how much you love TH and really, really want to see their performance of Monsoon when T4 show the EMAs on Sunday.

Thank you *hugs*

Source: tokiohoteluk
31 October 2007 @ 11:16
Kerrang!, an incredibly popular UK rock mag, is having a reader's poll. The winners of the poll will be featured in their December issue and we would like to see TH in there.

We're late to the fight and several thousand votes behind so let's get voting - you can vote and then just click the back button and vote again straight away. Thanks.

Click here to go to the voting page

There are many many categories, but the suggested plan is that you at least vote for TH in the following two:

Best New Band
Best Band

Kerrang were not overly fond of the UK gig so it would be really brilliant to show them how many fans are out here and that we would like to see lots of Tokio Hotel articles in their mag.

Thank you for voting.

Source: Official UK Street Team tokiohoteluk

23 October 2007 @ 11:25
We in the final week and a half - please keep voting :).

Have you posted the banner yet? All the information you need and the entry to the competition can be found at the Offical Backstage page. Please go forth and post it everywhere ... oh, and don't forget to vote ;).

They seem to have taken the buttons away from the info screen so you have to open the band and inter-act seperately.

Flash banner this wayCollapse )

If you want to know how to avoid the 10 minute wait between votes click here.

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